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I love Andy’s food. He was the first person I messaged about this, and he said he’d do it if I recorded him a rap. Watch this space…

BK: Hi Andy, what industry are you in?

Andy: Hospitality.

BK: Of course you are! What you serving up?

Andy: Native breed free range smoked meat working with small farms.

BK: What’s the best part of your Job?

Andy: Working with stunning produce and seeing peoples reaction to how the food tastes.

BK: How are you making changing your business to combat this crisis?

Andy: Well, Because our events are now closed for the foreseeable future, I decided that I would have to adapt, there is still a demand for what I do (as it isn’t that simple to produce food how I do at home), so I decided to start the ‘pre cooked home delivery’ giving customers a chance to buy my smoked meats and enjoy at home.

For more info check out Low’n’Slow facebook page:

BK: Badman move, that. What can we do to help you?

Andy: The best thing to help me is to just share and help spread the word.

BK: Tell us a book to read and some music to listen to.

Andy: I’m not very good at reading, I cant sit still for long enough. I listen to a lot of music. My big love at the moment is a band out of Houston Texas called Kruangbin, check them out, they are incredible, also the new Jay Electronica album is dope!

Here’s a link to a banging spotify playlist he’s made:

BK: Anything else you want to say?

Andy: If we all stick together, we will make it through this, call your homies, txt your Nan, smile at the grumpy git down the road. Cook lots of healthy food and use your time to create, help and add positivity to the world.

One brisket,



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