Let’s push things forward.

Covid-19 has hit a lot of businesses (including ours) pretty hard. What is Inspiring to see though, is how businesses are responding to it with creativity. From the indie coffee shop to the chain restaurant, the hipster breweries to the world of education. Right now, everything is different, and there’s a sense that if businesses can’t be creative, then they can’t trade. It’s tough out there, but our Forward Thinking series asks questions to some of the businesses fighting crisis creatively, and I for one am inspired.

Laughter connects people.

It’s a great feeling to make someone laugh, and that is exactly what SCAMP is all about. We will find the humour and the heart in what you are already doing, and use it to connect to more people. Ben started SCAMP in January 2020. Before that he was working as a presenter on Free Radio’s Breakfast show and also as a freelance presenter/comic/creative. He has performed all over the world, and has worked with comedians (such as Joe Lycett) all the way to artists (including Turner Prize winning artist Martin Creed). SCAMP is a way to marry up a love of creative ideas, collaboration, and problem solving. Maybe we can help you out too!


We find the right tone for you. Then we find and create the right content for your company, to reach your target market. We really believe that fun, humorous, different content cuts through and sticks with people. We’ll help you find the fun, and get it out there! Sometime’s though, it’s about finding your brand’s story and learning how to tell it well.


Imagine a work event that wasn’t like a work event. We have done all sorts of events for all kinds of clients. We are really good at it.


‘In house’ podcast sound like something you should be making? Let us take care of that. We’ve got bags of experience in interviewing all kinds of people, and have learnt how to make pretty much any subject interesting. Challenge us! We have the full podcast recording equipment, and it’s portable so we can come to you. We offer the full service: planning, producing, editing, and getting it out there.